Renaissance Minimalist: PhD Unplugged

I’m on the internet for less than 30 minutes a day – and it’s awesome! Recently, I started opting out of emails and social media notifications. Now, I quickly reply to emails once a day and limit my remaining time to listening to music, checking out library e-books, and paying bills. (I’m even starting to hand-draft posts) Here are the 3 best things about living (mostly) offline:

  1. My professional life is now 95% playing/teaching/writing and only 5% administrative tasks. This is awesome.
  2. My brain is rewiring to be more mindful, focused, and content. This is also awesome.
  3. My schedules is less cluttered, allowing me to be available to assist others when crises arise unexpectedly. Not super-glamorous, but still pretty awesome.

Like my actual diet, I know that a continual, highly-restrictive internet diet isn’t for everyone. But if you’re feeling like internet and other forms of screen-time are draining your energy, mood, and productivity, it may be time to unplug…

Author: Leah Pogwizd

Bassist and Instructor

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