Un-Failing at Life: Renaissance Minimalist

For people with multiple passions, removing the unnecessary and focusing on the important is crucial.  

Recently, I’ve been back to reading blogs on minimalism – the process of simplifying your physical, professional, and emotional life. While I’ve always been fascinated by it, I find myself especially drawn to it right now. It’s a way to live a happy, ethical life without a religious or political affiliation. There’s even an acknowledgement that being able to choose to go minimalist is a privilege. Here are three areas in my multifaceted life in which I’ve tried to incorporate minimalist approaches:

Musical practice

Pros: Being able to engage in shorter, but more focused practice sessions that are comprehensive (focusing on specific elements each day of the week)

Cons: Still feeling like I need to simplify my listening and study habits and generally feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information out there (musical FOMO)

“Un-Failure”: Because most musicians adapt society’s adage of, “More is more,” it’s easy to feel like a slacker or cheater by making things easier for myself – but the more I make progress and feel fulfilled by my practice, the less I care what others think


Pros: Keeping things simple seems to automatically make it easier to maintain my mental and physical health – keeping my self-care regimen focused on important stuff makes it more effective and rewarding

Cons: Even as simple as it is, it’s still really time-consuming (8+ hours of sleep a night, yoga 6x a week, etc.) – but minimalism does help free up some additional time

“Un-Failure”: Although I’m still experimenting with different approaches to diet, workout schedules, etc., I feel like I’m on the right path by continuing to prioritize wellness without compromising other parts of my life


Pros: I LOVE being self-employed, able to work my own hours, and (slowly) building a personalized work portfolio of products and services

Cons: It’s taking a LONG time to build steady income streams (and scale down my lifestyle to fit said income streams)

“Un-Failure”: I grew up hearing the adage, “Do what you love,” and while I still believe in it, I’ve come to realize just how much hard work and sacrifice it takes to be able to do joyful work – minimalism has provided a path to get me professionally focused and able to live within my means

If you have multiple areas of focus in your life, what could you do to simplify them? Over time, you may find (as I did) that minimalism starts positively affecting all areas of your life.


Author: Leah Pogwizd

Bassist and Instructor

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