2 Weeks Into Wheat Elimination

2-weeks-into-wheat-eliminationAfter enduring a hellish, albeit brief period of withdrawal, I’ve successfully avoided wheat products for two weeks (replacing said wheat-stuffs with whole foods). The benefits are already apparent – I’ve lost even more weight than on my previous diet (we’re getting into my teenage-years range), gained a lot more energy, and (for the most part) improved my mood.

October is probably a really bad time to make this switch – it’s increasingly gloomy, election season is reaching its’ horrifying fever-pitch, and I’m gearing up for a holiday season filled with things I can’t eat. That said, here are four main reasons that I recommend this dietary shift to anyone considering it:

  1. It makes weight-loss ridiculously easy. While the initial change requires a lot of discipline and resolve, after that you start naturally having less cravings and consuming few calories/carbs. For a lifelong Fat Broad such as myself, this is a godsend.
  2. It has a huge RIO. For the brief investment of time and energy spent figuring out logistics, I get all the aforementioned benefits plus a feeling of freedom from food addiction because I’m not becoming hangry every 2 hours…
  3. It helps you reconnect with youthful ambitions. I feel and (I’d like to think) look like I’m 21 again. With my increased confidence and energy, I’m wanting to return to my younger self’s dream of becoming a well-recognized performer (without sacrificing my work as a teacher and writer).
  4. It’s an easy way to stick it to The Man. This whole thing has made me wary of government agencies and Big Food. While there are complicated issues of food supply and GMO vs. non-GMO involved with wheat consumption (I’ll write more on this later), the fact of the matter is that eliminating wheat (and, in my case, staying vegan) forces you to support local grocers/farmer, buy bulk, etc. While this decision is mainly based on health concerns, it has the added benefit of not supporting huge, problematic food distributors.

Have you considered wheat elimination? If so, what’s making it difficult to make the leap?

Author: Leah Pogwizd

Bassist and Instructor

2 thoughts on “2 Weeks Into Wheat Elimination”

  1. Now is the perfect time to resolve to change your eating habits…not January after the damage has been done. I read an article in the New York Times recently where there was a suggestion to have an “October Resolution” to avoid holiday weight gain versus a New Year’s Resolution to lose it.

    One thing that helps me through “Eatin’ Season” (as it known in my community of recovery-minded peeps) is to not eat ANY of the packaged crap that gets passed around this time of the year. If I’m jonesin’ for a treat, it needs to be something REALLY special. Defaulting to “NO” helps a lot…then it’s more a matter of what you don’t want to eat than what you can’t eat.

    That said, my lizard brain will be screaming for carbs and sugar until the Equinox. Luckily I do have a wireless scale that gives me daily reinforcement of my resolve:

    This Is Probably the Least You’ll Weigh All Year. Sorry.

    And yes, I read your blog(s).

    1. I like the idea of an “October Resolution” (side note: NYT is the master of bubble-busting articles re: weight gain). I’m hoping that also being vegan will make it easier to avoid the worst offenders as far as holiday food goes. It also helps that my mom and I have been nudging each other to make good dietary changes, so we’ll help each other stay on the wagon while I’m visiting. I need to be better about weighing myself more regularly to make sure it’s not creeping back up. I lost another couple pounds in the last week and am now in my “target range” (the bottom 5 lbs. of my normal weight range), which is great, but I know it’s a lot easier to experience the joys of weight loss than it is to deal with the drudgery of weight maintenance…

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