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Learn bass ukulele, melodica, and other "tinys"!

Want to learn an instrument that's accessible, affordable, and fun? Take lessons online with bassist Leah Pogwizd, PhD and others. See below for more information. 


bass ukulele

The deep sound of an upright bass, the size of a baritone ukulele. See website for more information. 


The rich sound of an accordion, the size of a chocolate box. Website coming soon!   

Leah Pogwizd, PhD
bass ukulele teacher

Leah Pogwizd, PhD is a ukulele bassist based in Birmingham, Alabama. She holds an AFA in Music from College of DuPage, a BM in Jazz Studies from University of North Texas (with a focus on jazz bass) and an MA/PhD in Ethnomusicology from University of Washington. 

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